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Poway Tournament

December 14, 2013 569A 569B 569C Blog Tournaments 0

3 MVHS robotics teams traveled to Poway High School to compete in our second tournament of the
year. There were 41 teams in attendance.

Team 569A was ranked 6th out of 41 teams after 8 qualifying matches. The #1 seeded alliance picked
them and their alliance went on to WIN the entire tournament. Team 569A was able to rack up 3
trophies including: Tournament Champion, Robot Skills Champion, and the Innovate Award for their
game changing autonomous strategy (where the robot is programmed to move without human
control). Their robot could fling a weighted beach ball 8 feet across the field ensuring the 10 point
bonus match after match. It was the only robot at the tournament able to actually throw a beach ball! Unfortunately they had to beat our very own Team 569C in the semifinals and our very own Team 569B in the finals. Team 569A has now qualified for the CA State Championships in March at Great America in Santa Clara, CA.

Team 569B finished 8th out of 41 teams in the qualifying rounds. Their alliance went on to perform
brilliantly knocking off much higher seeds to end up in the finals taking on our very own Team
569A. While they were able to take them to 3 matches in the best of 3 format, 569A prevailed. This
team has a lot to be proud of including their second Tournament Finalist Trophy in two
tournaments. Their time is coming!

Team 569 C finished the qualifying rounds in 5th place out of 41 teams. They performed extremely well
in the quarterfinals but were defeated by our very own 569A in the semifinals. However their
disappointment was short-lived as during the awards ceremony Team 569C won the highest award you
can win at a VEX tournament, the Excellence Award. This award goes to the best overall team at the
event. The judges (real world engineers) deemed that Team 569C was the overall best team when it
came to how they performed on the field, in the programming and driver skills challenges, their
teamwork, their engineering notebook, and their interview with the judges. This is only the second time
in our history that we have won this award. This award also qualifies them for the CA State
Championships in March at Great America in Santa Clara, CA.

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