After Season Throwdown

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After Season Throwdown

May 28, 2016 569D Blog Tournaments 0

Three members of 569D traveled to Anaheim to compete in an after season, NBN tournament. The event was put on by team 3309.


There was a grand total of 14 teams at the tournament. Although it was small, it was a great day overall and a fun way to end the season.

3309 created a new game titled, VEX Frenzy. Every fifth match played, there would be a round of 3 v 3 robots. They would get half the pre loads and then with one minute remaining, they would dump the rest of the balls onto the field. Halfway through the day they added a game element from persuasion of our team. There would be a skyrise piece added to the middle of the field and whoever was able to score it in the bottom goal would also score a bonus 30 points! VEX Frenzy was a great way to have fun in between matches.

3309 brought over their FRC robot for all the teams to check out. With Disneyland and Boeing as major sponsors, their robot was quite impressive.

Overall, 569D placed 3rd after only losing two matches. They then got chosen by the first seeded team and went on to be undefeated and won the tournament! Along with that trophy, they also won the Design award!

After the tournament was done, 569D stayed to help clean up and then they traveled to Servite High School to check out 3309’s robotics lab. 3309 also competes in FRC. The rest of the evening was filled with gaining knowledge from 3309’s Co-President, Kenny Sandon, about how FRC works and the process of building a robot for FRC.

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