Castle Park Tournament

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Castle Park Tournament

February 18, 2017 569A 569B 569C 569D Blog Community Tournaments 0

This past weekend 4 NightHawk Robotics Teams travelled to Castle Park High School in San Diego to compete against 34 teams from all over Southern CA.

• After 7 qualifying matches Team 569B was undefeated and first place, 569C was in 3rd place, 569A was in 9th, and 569D was in 26th.

• During the playoff selection Team 569B chose our very own 569A and a team from La Jolla HS as partners to make up the #1 seed.

• Team 569C chose 2 teams from Thompson Middle school as their alliance partners for the #3 seed.

• Team 569D was chosen by the # 4 seed.

• Teams 569B and 569A beat Team 569D and their alliance in the semifinals.

• Teams 569B and 569A met Team 569C and 2 Thompson robots in the finals. Out of 6 teams in the finals, 5 of them were from either MV or Thompson. Pretty impressive.

• Team 569C and the two Thompson robots outpaced 569B and 569A to win the tournament in 3 matches in the best of 3 format.

While we were all ecstatic that Murrieta teams won the tournament this was Team 569B’s final chance to qualify for the State Championship and they needed to win to get in. They put forth an amazing effort but fell one match short. Even our very own Team 569C felt bad about beating them but were happy to be part of the alliance that helped a Thompson team get into their Middle School State Championship.

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