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March 17, 2016 0

Southern California State Championships

This past Saturday all 4 MVHS Robotics earned their way to the VEX Robotics CA State Championship which was held at the Pasadena Convention Center. There were 36 of the best teams in CA in attendance as you had to win a tournament throughout the year in order to qualify. We were one of two…
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March 12, 2016 0

Tustin Tournament

Four NightHawk Robotics teams traveled to Irvine to compete against 36 teams in our fourth and final regular season tournament of the year playing this year’s game “Nothing but Net”. This would be Team 569A’s last chance to qualify for the State Championship. After 5 qualifying matches all 4 of our teams were in the…
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February 20, 2016 0

Mt. SAC Tournament

This past Sunday 4 NightHawk Robotics teams traveled to Mt. San Antonio College to compete against 19 teams in our third tournament of the year playing this year’s game “Nothing but Net”. After 8 qualifying matches Team 569C was 8-0 and in 1st place, 569B was in 5th place, 569D was in 8th place, and 569A was in 9th place. Team 569A eliminated our very own 569B and 569D in the quarterfinals.…
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January 18, 2016 0

South San Diego Tournament

This past Saturday 4 NightHawk Robotics teams traveled to San Ysidro High School to compete against 36 teams in our second tournament of the year playing this year’s game “Nothing but Net”. After 7 qualifying matches Team 569B was 7-0 and in 3rd place, 569D was 6-1 in 4th place, 569C was 6-1 in 6th place, and 569A was 4-3 in 13th place out of 36 teams.…
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December 12, 2015 0

NightHawk Robotics CA STATE CHAMPS!

This past Saturday 3 MVHS Robotics teams spent their Valentine’s Day showing their love for STEM Education and Robotics as they competed against 35 of the best teams in California.  It was a lot of hard work just to be invited to this tournament as you had to qualify to be there.  3 of our…
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February 17, 2015 1

Nighthawk Robotics Wins and Qualifies for States

This past Saturday 4 NightHawk Robotics teams traveled to Orange Lutheran High School to compete against 42 teams in our fourth tournament of the year. This was our last shot to qualify for the CA State Championship. After 4 qualifying matches Team 569D was in 1st place, 569B in 3rd place, 569C in 6th place,…
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February 2, 2015 0

Poway Tournament Results

Team 569A had robot issues but still managed to keep a smile on their face throughout the day.  They finished 39th out of 40 and were not selected for the playoffs. Team 569 B finished 7th out of 40 teams in the qualifying rounds. Their alliance went on to perform brilliantly in the playoffs but…
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December 12, 2014 2

All 3 teams go to Worlds 2014

Team 569A – After 10 qualifying matches they were 8-2 and finished 11th out of 86 teams in their division. They moved on to the playoffs (only 24 teams do so) as the 8th seeded alliance captain. Unfortunately they had to play the #1 seeded alliance in the quarterfinals and were defeated. However they were…
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April 26, 2014 0

State Championship 2014

I don’t think words can begin to describe the excitement of the 40 MVHS students who attended the VEX Robotics CA State Championships this past weekend at Great America in Santa Clara. The competition was fierce as CA is well known for some of the best robotics programs in the world Teams competed in 8…
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March 17, 2014 0