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CSUN Tournament

December 15, 2012 569A 569B 569C Blog Tournaments 0

On Saturday, 3 MVHS robotics teams traveled to Cal State Northridge to compete in our largest
tournament of the year. There were 72 teams mostly from So. Cal, a few from Nor. Cal, and 2 from the
UK. This year in “Sack Attack” the goal is to get as many bean bags (called sacks ) in your teams trough where green are worth 5pts each and yellow are worth 10. Or you can score in the high goal which is 30″ off the ground where green are worth 10 and yellow are worth 20.

Team 569A had a great day and ended up being picked to be on the #1 seeded alliance in their
division. They made it to the divisional finals where one of our other teams, 569C was able to beat
them. Team 569A continues to improve as they continue their quest to defend their world
championship title!

Team 569 B had an excellent morning going 5-1 in the qualifying rounds. They ended up being the 4th
seed in their division. They excelled in the playoffs, but were unfortunately knocked out in the divisional semifinals. However Team 569B does have an Amaze Award under their belt and is tied for second place in the league we are in. Look for more good things to come from this team.

Team 569 C had a dominant robot amongst this very strong field. They not only beat our very own
defending world champs in the divisional finals, but then went on to beat the other divisional champs
TO WIN THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT. They also received the Think Award for their amazing autonomous skills and impressive interview with the judges. Team 569C is now qualified for this year’s World Championships in April at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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