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Poway Tournament

October 29, 2016 569A 569B 569C 569D Blog Tournaments 0

This year the goal is to get as many foam Stars and EXTREMELY LARGE cubes over the wall and onto your opponents side as possible. There is stuff flying everywhere.

· Out of the 38 teams all 4 of our teams reached the playoffs.

· Team 569A was seeded 2nd out of the 38 teams and chose our very own 569D as their alliance partner

· Teams 569B and 569C were chosen by the 6th seeded alliance

· As luck would have it our 4 teams met each other in the semifinals.

· In a best of 3 series Teams 569B and 569C beat Teams 569A and 569D to move onto the finals.

· Unfortunately Teams 569B and 569C were overtaken in the finals, but they both came away with Tournament Finalist trophies.

· To have all 4 teams perform at such a high level right out of the gate says a lot about the effort and dedication that these students have put in.

team-a-pits team-b

team-c-4-stars team-d-scoring-star

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