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San Ysidro Tournament

December 3, 2016 569A 569B 569C 569D Blog Tournaments 0

4 NightHawk Robotics teams traveled to San Ysidro High School to compete against 36 teams in our second tournament of the year playing this year’s game “VEX Starstruck”.
We are known as Team 569 and our 4 teams are 569A, 569B, 569C, and 569D.

· After 7 qualifying matches all 4 NightHawk teams were safely in the playoffs.

· Teams 569D and 569B met in the quarterfinals where Team 569D knocked out Team 569B

· Teams 569A and 569C met in the semifinals where Team 569A knocked out Team 569C

· This set up the finals where Teams 569D and 569A would play for the championship.

· Team 569A and their alliance proved to be too much for Team 569D to handle.

· Team 569A WON the tournament!!

· Team 569A has now qualified for the CA State Championship in March.

Other Notes –
· Team 569D won the Drivers Skills Award for the highest point total in a one minute skill challenge.

· Team 569 (all of four of our teams as a whole) won the Judges Award due to their interview skills and ability to impress the judges (real engineers who interview and critique them).

Have you ever seen a 15 pound robot do a pull up? If not, watch this –

Click here to download the video of match!

· The link above is the first finals match between Team 569A and 569D. Team 569A won 29 to 28 in this match. It doesn’t get any closer!

· Watch Team 569D at the very end lift their entire robot 15” off the ground (worth 12 bonus points).

· Team 569A is on the red side and starts closest to the camera / Team 569D is on the blue side and also starts closest to the camera

· The first 15 seconds is known as the autonomous period where students write a computer program for their robot to move on its own. This 15 second routine takes hours to write and perfect.

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