South San Diego Tournament

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South San Diego Tournament

December 12, 2015 569A 569B 569C 569D Blog Tournaments 0

This past Saturday 4 NightHawk Robotics teams traveled to San Ysidro High School to compete against 36 teams in our second tournament of the year playing this year’s game “Nothing but Net”.

After 7 qualifying matches Team 569B was 7-0 and in 3rd place, 569D was 6-1 in 4th place, 569C was 6-1 in 6th place, and 569A was 4-3 in 13th place out of 36 teams. Team 569C was chosen by the 2nd seeded alliance for the playoffs. Team 569B chose Team 569D as their alliance partner for the playoffs.  They were the 3rd seeded alliance. Team 569A was chosen by the 7th seeded alliance for the playoffs.

569A performed very well but were overtaken in the quarterfinals.

Team 569C and their alliance partner met our very own 569B and 569D in the semifinals that was easily the most exciting match of the day.  While it was exciting to watch, it was unfortunate that we had to cannibalize ourselves. The final score of this match was 197 to 169 which was easily the most points scored in a match the entire day.  It was very sad that someone had to lose as all of our teams were deserving of a victory.

Something to note – Out of 36 robots at the competition we had the only teams that could lift another robot off the ground via the ramps.

Team 569B and 569D went on to WIN THE TOURNAMENT! Team 569B and 569D have now qualified for the CA State Championship in March.

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