Southern California State Championships

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Southern California State Championships

March 11, 2017 569A 569C 569D Blog Community Tournaments 0

This past Saturday 3 MVHS Robotics teams (569A, 569C, & 569D) earned their way to the VEX Robotics CA State Championship which was held at the Pomona Fairgrounds. There were 45 of the best teams in Southern CA in attendance as you had to earn your spot by winning a tournament or Excellence award throughout the year in order to qualify.

Below are the results as well as the members of each team:

• After 7 qualifying matches 24 teams move on to the playoffs. ALL 3 OF OUR TEAMS WERE IN THE BIG DANCE!

• For the playoffs:

• Team 569D was the 3rd seed alliance captain meaning they got to choose 2 other robots for the playoffs.

• Team 569C was chosen by the 7th seeded alliance

• Team 569A was chosen by the 8th seeded alliance

• After putting up a valiant fight Team 569A was defeated by the #1 seed alliance in the quarterfinals.

• Team 569C and their 7th seeded alliance slayed the #2 seed in the quarter finals and moved onto the semifinals.

• Team 569D also won their quarterfinal matches and would face 569C and their alliance in the semifinals

• Making it the semifinals means both of these teams QUALIFIED FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP next month in Louisville, KY.

• Team 569D beat 569C and moved onto the Finals with the State Championship on the line

• Team 569D gave it all they had but lost in 3 matches in the best of 3 format.

• Teams 569C and 569D will take their talents to Louisville, KY to compete against 540 teams from over 25 countries in the largest robotics spectacle ever. There are over 10,000 VEX Robotics teams around the world and just making it this far means these students are in the top 5.5% in the world. This event draws so much attention that it was broadcast on ESPN 2 last year a few months after it concluded.

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