Southern California State Championships

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Southern California State Championships

March 12, 2016 569A 569B 569C 569D Blog Tournaments 0

This past Saturday all 4 MVHS Robotics earned their way to the VEX Robotics CA State Championship which was held at the Pasadena Convention Center. There were 36 of the best teams in CA in attendance as you had to win a tournament throughout the year in order to qualify. We were one of two schools to have 4 teams in attendance.

Below are the results of each team:

Our teams finished in 6th(569D), 9th(569C), 23rd(569B), and 32nd(569A) out of 36 teams after 8 qualifying matches. However all of our teams moved on to the playoffs that consisted of 24 teams (8 alliances of 3 robots).

Teams 569A and 569D were unfortunately defeated in the quarterfinals by the eventual tournament champions.

Team 569D did win the Amaze Award which is given to a team with an amazing, well rounded and top performing robot.

Teams 569B and 569C were both on the 2nd seeded alliance and breezed through the quarter and semifinals without losing a match.

They were now in the finals which automatically qualified them for the World Championships being held in Louisville, KY next month.

In the finals they won the first match in the best of 3 format.

Then they lost the second match which means the third and final match would decide the State Champion.

The good news is that in the third match we scored more balls and had more points than the other team. The bad news is one of our robots touched one of their robots in a forbidden zone with just seconds to go causing a disqualification. It was a heartbreaking way to lose, especially when you consider that we had more points. The students handled it with class and are excited about qualifying for the world championship where they will get to compete against 450 teams from over 25 different countries.

Even the 2 teams that did not qualify are deserving and would perform very well at the world championship. It is extremely unfortunate that they did not qualify.

Check out this video of the day:

Click here for the So Cal States video!

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