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VEX Robotics

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– 569A

Our Team

We are Team 569A! Excited for the new game Tipping Point, we have built a fully functioning robot.  In our team, we are all very connected and are overjoyed to build new friendships with the new team members this year. We are all involved in many aspects of our robot. Our team has set many goals for this year, and we plan to push ourselves to achieve the very best.



Our building team works diligently to assure that there are no mishaps or issues with the design. Our builders have collaborated to find the perfect mixture of speed, stability, and strength. Our design will help us to go great distances during this competition season.



Our team prides itself on autonomous and coding. We have excelled in the coding area many times from last year, competing with some of the best teams from around the world. 

Previous Years

Our team did fantastic in the Vex Robotics Competition challenges, Change Up, Turning Point and Tower Takeover and went to World’s in all of them. We were in the Technology division for Worlds in Turning Point and we won 1 award. We were in the Math A division for World’s in Change Up. We qualified through winning the Encore challenge. 

Our Robot

Our robot’s name is Marty. 


    Our team member Nicholas has created many great YouTube videos about Vex programing in Vex code pro v5. This is a link to the YouTube channel.

Team Biographies


Hello, I’m Nicholas and I am a Junior. This is my third year in robotics. I love to program the robot and I hope to do robotics as a career in the future. I enjoy playing soccer as well.


Hi! My name is Kacy. I am currently a Junior at MV and in my third year in the robotics club. I am a builder on the team that also likes to help with coding. I also play Varsity sports but still love to come to robotics club to build a robot. With all this experience from the club I am planning to go into an engineering field in the future. 


I’m Josephine; a Junior at Murrieta Valley High, and I joined robotics for its competitiveness and team building environment. I enjoy STEAM related projects and getting hands-on.


Hi, my name is Katya and I am a freshman. I work on the website for team A and I am excited to learn all about robotics this year.  I love music and butterflies, and I also enjoy crafting. 


Hi, I am a freshman on team 569A, I would like to build. I also like art and music.


My name is Abigail, I am a freshman and I am new to Team 569A and I want to be a builder. I like to read, write, and draw. I like dogs.

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Hello homies I am Leonardo, I am a freshman and spend my time in the club by learning to code v5. I like to code, bake stuff, and hibernate.