Team D

VEX Robotics


Team D values camaraderie, cohesion, and teamwork in order to better our robot and ourselves as human beings. We strive to create an engaging and fun space to learn more about robotics and engineering in general. In our team, we all have a place here and a unique role to fill that correlates with our distinct abilities and talents. Since we view robotics from a holistic viewpoint, we understand that the Engineering Notebook, the Robot itself, and everything in between is meaningful and contributes to our success as a whole.

You can find Team D on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

“Media is one of the most important roles on our team. The reason for that is because we need teams to see us and remember who we are. This can also mean helping out with the design of the team website.”

~Who We Are~
Justin Koch – I am one of the lead builders for 569D, and have been a builder throughout all 6 years that I have been in Vex robotics. I enjoy working with computers, electronics, and 3D printing
John Fritzsche – I’m a coder for team 569D and have always been a coder throughout my time in Robotics. I hope to pursue a career that utilizes and builds upon that experience, whether that’s in software engineering or otherwise. In my free time I usually am playing games with friends, learning new languages, or learning and playing musical instruments. For this year in Robotics, I hope our team is able to qualify to both the state and world championships, and that the Robotics Club at MV is left in a good spot after we seniors graduate. 
Slater Selinger – Hi! I have been in the robotics program for 6 years and I have been building cost of the time. outside of robotics, i play baseball and wideo games. i my free time I enjoy playing piano and trying to make music. For almost my entire life, i’ve wanted to do engineering, specifically, aerospace engineering. 

Kailani Dugdale- I’m a coder for team 569D and have been coding in robotics since 7th grade. This year I hope to help my team so we can compete in the state and world championship for my last year in the program. In the future, I am looking to pursue a career in bioengineering. My spare time besides robotics is filled with gold, learning Chinese, and singing. I also enjoy playing video games with friends, mainly league of Legends.

Leonardo J Gonzalez – I’ve been in robotics in middle school for 2 years and usually in my free time I draw or sometimes give myself a large scale project (example making a pond). I don’t have many experiences with electronics but hope I learn more. My goal while being here is being able to help out around the team. I’m also a builder and Head Chief of Key Organization. 

Cyrus Mahir – What’s up! I’ve been doing robotics since 7th grade as a builder and wish to work together to go to Worlds for many of our senior years. I enjoy many activities outside of robotics like Track (Hurdles), Soccer, Boy Scouts, and more! I enjoy reading and drawing in my freetime. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be an Aerospace engineer. 

Diego Reyes – I‘ve never been in robotics, my only experience in engineering having been a rocketry program. I know basic C# and remember a small amount of python. I like music. 

Robert Rodaway – Hello I have no experience with robotics. I do know some cad and I enjoy playing video games and working with mechanical parts. 

Jacob Sipe – Hi! I have had one year of robotics experience back in 8th grade, but I stopped throughout my freshmen-junior years of high school. Before I was in robotics I was in wrestling, but I am unable to wrestle for most of the season due to a shoulder injury, so I decided to do robotics. My hobbies include running, playing video games, doing voice impressions in my free time and I am going to try to get into video editing. 

Lord Smith – Hi! I’m pretty much the notebook person for this team for about 3 years in Robotics. This year, I’d really like for us to accomplish going to States this year with this new game mode. What I usually do when I don’t do robotics things is usually homework, sleeping, or playing video games with friends. 

Daniel Vali – Hello, I am a builder for the team as well as a strategist. I have been a part of robotics for all 4 years of high school. I really enjoy engineering as well as the competition aspect of the program. In my free time I like to read and play video games.  


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