Trip to Louisville, Kentucky for Worlds

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Trip to Louisville, Kentucky for Worlds

April 20, 2015 569B 569D Blog Tournaments Uncategorized 0

The NightHawk Robotics Club continued and concluded their successful season in Louisville, KY. These Nighthawks performed brilliantly and had a blast competing for 3 straight days against 450 of the best robotics teams in the world. Below are the results.

569B was one of 90 teams in the Arts Division. This team went 7-3 in their 10 qualifying matches. They worked tirelessly for the entire 3 days ending up ranked 15th out of 90. Unfortunately this team was not selected for the playoffs even though they were certainly deserving. They made a strong showing and should be proud of their efforts. Congratulations!

569D was one of 90 teams in the Math Division. This team went 8-2 in their 10 qualifying matches placing them 10th out of 90. 569D ended up being the alliance captain for the 7th seeded alliance. This would mean they would be facing the #2 seed in the quarterfinals. Unfortunately they were defeated but this new team has many positives to take away including scoring the most points in a qualification match with 101 points. The #2 seed that beat us went on to win the division and were narrowly defeated by another division for the World Championship.

Both teams did an amazing job not only competing in their matches, but also submitting entries for multiple awards in many different categories. They wrote essays, made a website, collaborated on a number of different projects, were interviewed multiple times, asked to explain every aspect of their robots, programming, and their teams, and they always stayed calm under pressure. I have no doubt that every one of these students has a bright future ahead of them.

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