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World Champions 2012

April 22, 2012 569A 569C Blog Tournaments 0

The size of this event is HUGE. It took up a majority of the Anaheim Convention Center including the arena inside the Convention Center. The arena is where the playoffs were to be held on Saturday and we were hoping to get to. The brainpower in this building was off the charts (including a Nobel Prize winner…details to follow).

Opening ceremonies included a Parade of Nations where students from all the different teams and countries were accompanied by the USC Trojan Marching Band. They also performed the National Anthem. What a great way to kick off the event!

Students also had the opportunity to meet and see Dr. Douglas D. Osheroff, Professor at Stanford University and 1996 Nobel Prize winner. This was an inspiration to all those so interested in science, math, engineering, and technology.

Our team pits were buzzing all 3 days as mentors and students from countries all over the world came to check out our robots, our giant dart shooting tank, our CAD drawings, our promotional posters, and our custom laser-engraved memento coins.

There were 4 high school divisions of 99 teams each. Team 569 was in the Engineering Division and Team 569C was in the Math Division. Each team had 10 qualifying matches over the 3 days. After the 10 qualifying matches the top 8 teams would pick two other robots to be on their alliance for the playoffs.

Team 569C went 6 and 4 and ended up in 30th place out of 99 teams. They would have to convince one of the top 8 teams to choose them. Unfortunately they were not selected. They were certainly good enough to make the playoffs and even beat many of the teams who did make it. They have absolutely nothing to hang their heads about. They had a great season including the #4 highest score in programming skills in the WORLD. A first for NHRC (NightHawk Robotics Club). They were also the designers of arguably the most popular pit at the event. Watching these students shake the hands of their competitors after every match, win or lose was an awesome display of sportsmanship.

Team 569 went 9 and 1 and were the 4th seeded team at the end of qualifying. This meant they would be one of the top 8 teams who get to select two other robots to be on their team for the playoffs. We have made the playoffs in the past, but have never had the opportunity to pick our own alliance. Another first for NHRC at the World Championships.

Team 569 ended up choosing one team from Auckland, New Zealand and one from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as their alliance partners. Being the #4 seed in the playoffs meant that they now had to play the #5 seeded alliance in the quarterfinals of their division. They narrowly won here having to go to 4 matches in a best of 3 series due to a tie. A nail biter to say the least.

Now onto the divisional semifinals where they would face the #1 seeded alliance with a powerhouse team from Shanghai, China leading the alliance. However Team 569’s alliance once again prevailed here winning the first two matches to move onto the divisional finals (the farthest we have ever made it).

In the divisional finals Team 569’s alliance would face the #2 seeded alliance which was again headed up with another Chinese powerhouse, this time from Beijing, China. Once again there was a tie, but the 569 alliance pulled it out again in 4 matches. Amazing!

Now we were the Engineering Division Champions and had won our first award at the World Championships EVER. Not to mention they were now headed into the arena to compete in front of thousands of spectators against the other divisional champions.

Inside the arena, under all of the pressure, and with huge screaming crowds, the Team 569 alliance took 3 matches in the semifinals to narrowly win against the Math Division Champions. This set the stage for them moving onto the finals where the 2012 World Champion would be decided.

In the finals the Team 569 alliance hammered down in the best of 3 format winning the first two matches crowning them 2012 VEX Robotics World Champions. A dream for any student on the over 4,800 teams registered from around the world.

That is right, Murrieta Valley’s own are one of 3 teams that are THE BEST IN THE WORLD out of over 4,800 teams who registered to compete in VEX Robotics this year. They have the trophies and the banners to prove it!!

I could not be more proud of the accomplishments of BOTH TEAMS including; their sportsmanship, character, determination, and dedication over the past year. All of the success NHRC has achieved this year is the culmination of teamwork and countless hours put in by these kids. Don’t ever underestimate what they are capable of because they just might surprise you.

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