World Championships 2013

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World Championships 2013

April 21, 2013 569A 569B 569C Blog Tournaments 0

What an action packed adrenaline filled 3 days it was for the NightHawk Robotics Club at the
World Championships.

Team 569A were the defending World Champions and ended up going 3-0 in their first day of
competition. Unfortunately things got a little rough on days 2 and 3 they ended up 4-6 ranking
them 51st out of 84 teams in their division. They were not selected for playoffs. I think one
thing we all realized was what a miracle last year was and how difficult it can be to repeat that

Team 569B were the new kids on the block making it to the World Championships for the first
time in 3 years. They battled hard and ended up with a 3-7 record and ranked 63rd out of 84
teams in their division. This team always kept their heads up and continually strived to improve
throughout the tournament. I could not be more proud of their efforts.

Team 569C had an amazing run. After going 1-1-1 on day one they won 7 matches in a row
placing them in 2nd place in their division out of 84 teams. This meant they would be one of the
teams choosing 2 other robots for a playoff alliance. They chose 2 New Zealand robots and
narrowly won their quarterfinals in 3 matches in the best of 3 format. Then in an intense battle
they lost by 3 sacks in the semifinals in the 3rd match. What an amazing run this team had. A 2nd
place divisional finish is our highest to date. Way to go Team 569C.

If you have any of the below students please congratulate them on a job well done. Remember
there are over 7,200 teams worldwide and only 420 high school teams get to go the World
Championships. So just to be able to attend was a huge accomplishment. Until next year!!

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