World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky

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World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky

April 23, 2017 569C 569D Blog Community Tournaments 0

• The NightHawk Robotics Club just returned from our 5 day excursion to Louisville, KY where we competed against 564 of the fiercest robots in the world. Each of our 2 teams were in divisions of 94 teams. There were 6 divisions with 94 teams in each.

• Team 569C had an amazing run and after the 10 qualifying matches were 7-3 and ranked 22nd out of 94 robots. Their style of play was unique combining strong defense with an uncanny ability to score.

• Team 569D worked diligently all 3 days and ended up 3-7 and ranked 73rd out of 94 robots. With some mechanical difficulties and tough match ups things didn’t go as they had hoped.

• After the 10 qualifying matches the top 8 teams from each division were able to select 2 other robots for the playoffs meaning 24 of the 94 robots would be advancing to the elimination playoffs in each division.

• Unfortunately neither of our robots were chosen to move forward into the playoffs. While disappointing to the students, they should be proud of their performance and accomplishments. They never quit and kept positive attitudes throughout the experience and worked hard until the last possible moment. Both Mrs. Augustin and I are proud of their efforts both at this tournament and throughout the year. They represented MVHS the RITE way on a global stage and proved students from our small city can hold their own against the best and brightest in the WORLD.

• Fun Fact – This was the 10 year anniversary of the VEX Robotics World Championship competition. NightHawk Robotics has qualified EVERY year. We have travelled all over this country competing the last ten years which is something we didn’t realize until we arrived in Louisville. I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

o 2007-2008 – Bridge Battle @ Cal State Northridge – There were only 91 teams in attendance that first year compared to 564 this year.
o 2008-2009 – Elevation in Omaha, NE (Even though we qualified for worlds we didn’t go because it was the same weekend as prom. Students voted to attend US Open Championship in Omaha, NE instead)
o 2009 – 2010 – Clean Sweep in Dallas, TX
o 2010-2011 – Round Up in Orlando, Fl
o 2011 – 2012 – Gateway in Anaheim, CA – the year we won the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP
o 2012-2013 – Sack Attack in Anaheim, CA
o 2013-2014 – Toss Up in Anaheim, CA – won the Energy award at WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP
o 2014 – 2015 – Skyrise in Louisville, KY
o 2015 – 2016 – Nothing but Net in Louisville, KY – Division Finalist at World Championship
o 2016-2017 – Starstruck in Louisville, KY

In closing I would like to thank the following parties as our success would not be possible without you:

• MVHS Staff – The classes you teach and skills you provide our students are every bit as important as anything we do in the robotics classroom. We attribute much of our success to you!

• MVUSD – The support you have provided us over the past 10 years is unparalleled and appreciated. You have provided us the opportunity to become a household name in the worldwide robotics community.

• Parents – Thank you for encouraging your kids and allowing them to take risks, learn how to win, learn how to lose, teaching them to be a good teammate, how to lead, how to give back, how to get back up after you fall down, how to be gracious in victory and defeat, and pushing them to always do their best. Thank you for the early 5am mornings, all night “robot parties”, and help transporting the largest robotics club in Southern California to all of our tournaments.

• ALL Robotics Students – You continue to raise the bar every year. Watching the process of teamwork pushing individuals to their maximum potential is a beautiful thing. You inspire us as your teachers and mentors and are responsible for our successes over the past 10 years. You not only live up to expectations, but you exceed them! Mrs. Augustin and I are proud to be part of this amazing journey!

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